" The Furrari" A single Glove with 2 thumbs!

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A single glove with two thumbs so it enables the customer to use the glove on either right or left hand. Fits like a glove on either hand. Same function and use as our Original Furrfighter Gloves. Simply swipe over a target area, bring hair to a pile or edge, pick it up and dispose of it. Slap the product with your hand or against a hard surface to remove any residual hair/debris left on the glove.Repeat as necessary. Hand washable with mild liquid dish soap, ring out and lay flat to dry. Available in our 4 original colors, Black, Brown, Teal or Lavender. One size fits most. Great for use on MOST surfaces(fabric & hard surfaces) AND for use on pets directly to remove loose, shedding hair just by petting them.