About Us


Furrfighters was born in a firehouse and inspired by a fireman's dog who would leave his shedding fur all over everything especially in the car and on the fireman's uniforms!!!  AARRGGHH!! The fur was literally everywhere!!! The fur was no match for sticky tape rollers and the vacuum just wouldn't get it all!! So I made my own product, and BOY does it work great!! A line of products truly born out of necessity! 100% Made in the USA! Now I'm a fireman helping people with a different type of problem, pet hair on everything, everywhere, all the time!

Furrfighters is now trying something new, offering our awesome, original products as well as some new products from different suppliers. 

Our Furrfighter products remove pet hair from MOST fabric surfaces AND remove loose, shedding fur from pets directly just by petting them! Just swipe the products over a target area, collect the hair to a pile, pick it up and dispose of it, that's it! Just slap the product to remove any residual hair and repeat as necessary! Super easy to use, totally portable, washable, reusable, biodegradable and recyclable. No sticky/rubbery surfaces, no batteries or electricity needed and no refills required. Eco-friendly, made of 99% natural materials. Natural oils in the material also help give your pet a shiny coat after using the products on your pet.

The affiliate products we are now offering are just some fun pet related products and other cool stuff that we've found from some new suppliers that we have teamed up with!

We love pets here at Furrfighters and have teamed up with these new suppliers to offer some new, fun items to shop for while you check out the LAST pet hair remover you'll ever need::)) Furrfighters, the best at fighting FUR!!