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Nicole from Texas wrote: This item was not only well packaged but it also had a sweet note on the invoice as well as a card and a pen. I was very impressed. I do love the brush and how professional this experience was. 5 Stars.

Rick from Washington, DC wrote: "I have searched a long time for a dependable solution that could actually remove dog hair from my furniture, dog bed and clothing.I avoided buying fleece or wool clothing as I was finding it impossible to wear those items to the office because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get all the hair and lint off. It wasn't for a lack of trying as I have purchased endless hair removal products over the years. Not a one performed as well as the Furrfighter products. I first bought the Pocket Furrfighter to see if it would work and was so impressed I immediately ordered the Furrfighter Gloves for the bigger jobs. No longer do I hesitate to wear my black wool coat as cleanup is a breeze taking no time at all. Additional to the product is great support and super-fast shipping from Furrfighters. I will be referring these products to all my friends."

Hilda F. wrote: "I got my gloves and are loving them. Works on just about everything. I haven't found anything they won't work on!"

Brian A. wrote: " The gloves are great! I've been using them mostly for the car, but my aunt loved them for around her house and for getting everything off of her bed and couches."

Jo T. wrote: "My Furrfighters are just the right size and arrived faster than the dog could shed! It's wonderful to deal with someone who A: Cares about accessibility for people who need to use a screen reader and are blind or visually impaired and B: Someone who uses their own experience to make a product to help others fight fur! They really are great!"

Nikki Y. wrote: "Cleaned my whole car of fur in 10 minutes! So awesome!"

Eric, an attorney said: "I have been using my Furrfighter over the last few weeks and it really has made keeping a clean suit while owning a dog an almost effortless task.I really like how it is discrete and easily portable so I can use it while in court and no one is the wiser. Sure beats the lint roller. Overall, I love the product and have recommended you to several of my colleagues, family and friends."

Janet wrote: "Gloves are the best thing we have ever had for removing dog fur, they even worked on the carpet in our car. Thanks."

Justin D. said: " The Pocket Furrfighter even took lint, hair, etc off of my pool table! Worked better than the vacuum and the billiards brush! Who knew?::))"

Irene wrote: " I tried your Furrfighters travel product and was very happily surprised. I've tried many pet hair removal devices and yours is the best. Great for last minute jobs like when my Westie climbs into my lap in the car and leaves my black pants white. Because I liked the travel product so much, I decided to order the gloves. Simple idea, great results. Thanks."

Juli P. (our biggest fan on the west coast) wrote: "having had cats and dogs my whole life, I've tried many hair removal products. All of the Furrfighter products work great and are so easy to use! Gets the job done quickly, and so easy to give the product a good slap to clean off the hair. I now have all 3 of their products and I highly recommend all of them. Customer service is also very friendly and top-notch!