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The Furrniture Brush-- Pet Hair removal Brush

The Furrniture Brush-- Pet Hair removal Brush

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A handled version of our pet hair removal products.

Finished wooden handle approximately 14" long with removable Furrfighting head.

Brush head is washable and reusable.

Hand wash with warm water and liquid detergent(e.g. Dawn dish soap), rinse and lay flat to dry.

Simply swipe brush over target area in one direction, collect hair to an edge, pick up and dispose of hair.

Slap brush to remove any residual hair/debris.

Works on most fabric surfaces and removes loose, shedding hair from pets directly.

Comes with leather strap for hanging when not in use.

Available in different colors.

**Any residual leather dust from product, if visible, will disappear after first few uses.

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